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The History of Aass Brewery

Aass Brewery where founded in 1834 and is the oldest continuously running brewey in Norway. The brewery is still family owned and shares are divided between approximately 100 descendants of the founder Poul Lauritz Aass.


The name

The name, Aass Brewery, comes from the family surname Aass. In the picture above represented by 5th generation CEO, Christian August Knudsen Aass. The name is pronounced "ouse" and can be translated to the English word "hill".


The beginning

Aass Brewery have been running non-stop since 1834 trough town fires and wars. First founders was Halvor Ellingsen and Ole Pehrson. It started as a trade house with brewing as a side business, but now, brewing is the main activity and has been for a over a decade. Since 1864 it has been run by the Aass family, and still is a purely family owned company.


The rise of a brewery

Trough the years the brewery have gone from generation to generation and been developed with new buildings, new equipment and a continuous development within products and distribution methods. The brewery even bottled Coca Cola for 40 years until 2001.